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Wireless and Optical Networking Lab

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The laboratory opened in the summer of 2004 and is located in the University of Houston’s College of Technology. The purpose of the lab is for faculty as well as graduate and undergraduate students to do research in fiber optics, SONET, IP over SONET, VoiceIP, digital telephony, and wireless networks among other technologies. Our mission is to create an environment in which ideas can be studied and experimented with and new technologies developed. For this purpose, we have incorporated the technology found in the experimental testbed in our research projects. In addition, the lab serves as a laboratory where graduate and undergraduate students can learn about new technologies. WON has established alliances with several industrial partners that include American telephone and Telegraph (AT&T), Fujitsu Corporation, Sprint Communications, and Bitrage Incorporated to name a few. Also, we have been working together on research projects with other national and international institutions of higher education.